Stats, Analysis and Data for DraftKings and FanDuel Daily Fantasy Football Fanatics

Thursday Night Football Stats, Analysis and Projections
Rank Variance Report

This is our sample report for Thursday Night Football - Rank Variance Report.

As you may know by now, our approach to competing and hopefully hit it big on DraftKings or FanDuel is to breakdown the game and our stating point is the Rank Variance Report.

The Rank Variance report shows you the ranking for the offense vs the opssing defense for both the home and visiting teams.  Then, we breakdown the game - the report shows the ranking for Total Yards, then we breakdown the game, then the passing game, run phase, receiving and then scoring.

The object is to show the weakness of the defense vs that offense's phase of the game.  The higher the negative variance, the weaker that defense is vs that part of the offense.

Player Usage Percentage Report

The next step in analysis stats for the Thursday Night Football game is to look at the Player Usage Percentage Report.  This report allows you to see the usage of each offensive player and of course we breakdown the game, from total yards, run, receiving and of course scoring.  The key one's here are players such as running backs that have a high usage in the run game and then of course in the receiving game,  Then look at who is scoring the most, remember a receiving TD is worth 6 points and while the starting WR may get 5 touches and lets say just 70 yards, that's worth 5 for each reception and 7 points for every 10 yards for a total of 12 fantasy fotoball points, the 2nd receiver will need the following to get to that number of points, a TD worth 6 points, and 40 yards for 4 points and 2 receptions and the difference is in the draft value.  A starting WR may cost you $7,000 while a backup WR may cost you half that and this pays off.  As evidence I will remind of the divisional playoff game Bills Vs. the Chiefs where Gabriel Davis had 4 TDs, 8 receptions, 201 yards and Steffon Diggs had 3 receptions for 7 yards and no TD's.  Don't believe me still, here's the link:  2021 Divisional Playoff Game Bills at Chiefs

Double Duty Report

The "Grandaddy of Them All", the Double Duty report shows your players that have usage in the run and receving phases of the game.  They're mainly RB's but we still breakdown each phase of the game and you'll see everything from the Player Usage Report which  allows you to see the usage of each offensive player and of course we breakdown the game, from total yards, run, receiving and of course scoring. 

Game Matchup Preview Report

Our Daily Fantasy Football strategy is analyzing the averages a defense gives up in total yards, the passing game, the run, receiving and scoring phases of the game.  We then take what the offense averages, plus other variables  to come up with projections in each phase of the game, total yards, passing, run, receiving and scoring,  The last part of the strategey is to add the player usage and other variables to come up with player projections including fantasy football points they may get in each phase of DFS scoring.

Injury Report

Playing Daily Fantasy Football on DraftKings or FanDuel is a full-time game and it comes down to the last second and even after the kickoff you may have some draft analysis or changes to make.

As you saw in our Player Usage Percentage report, we have the player status in a column as paying attention to injuries is critical.  In addition to our injury report by game, you'll find an injury status on many of our Daily Fantasy Football stats and analysis reports so that when you play on DraftKings or FanDuel, you have all the stats, data, analysis and projections you will need to compete for the big prize on a Captain mode game or NFL Classic.

Depth Chart Report

There's a depth chart and then there's our Depth Chart.  Our Depth Chart includes a look at the starting offense vs starting defense and shows the player injury status.  It helps to visualize a high potent offense vs a defense that is weak because of injuries.

Captain's Mode Calculator

Playing Daily Fantasy Football on DraftKings or FanDuel is challenging enough, but the Captain's mode games may look easy, but there's a strategy to it.  Your Captain earns 1.5x their total points, but to draft them as your captain will cost you plenty, so plan well and that;s where our Captain's Mode Calculator comes into play.  Our Captain's Mode Calculator, allows you to take the draft data including palyer name, team, cost and FFP projections from any source so that you can plan and strategize on who may be the best Captain and Players to draft.