FanDuel Daily Fantasy Football Calculator


PRICING IS PER SEASON AND UPDATED CALCULATOR IS DISTRIBUTED BY EOD TUESDAYS. If you’re a planner and are taking your DFS strategy on FanDuel seriously, well this calculator is for you.  This allows you to plan Fantasy Football Points, Projected Yards, TD’s and Usage.  We make the data entry easy and i mean easy.  We provide you with the stats for QB’s, RB’s, WR’s and TE’s – averages and all you have to do is select the cell where that player is located and them POW, WOW and BAM!!!  The spreadsheet updates itself with the rest of the fields necessary for you to get a predictive glimpse of how that player will perform and how many fantasy football points they will earn you.  You select 3 payers per player category and in the end you get 3 different scenarios.