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Daily Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

The best approach to winning at Daily Fantasy Football (DFF) is to breakdown the game.  We do this by looking at the team by Offense (O), Defense (D) and Defense/Special Teams (DST).  The offense is further broken down by looking at the Pass Game, Run Game & Receiving Game and those have dual responsibility on the run and receiving game.

Daily Fantasy Football Stats & Analysis

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I give you all the data you need, analyzed and just ready for you to review and make decisions. Daily Fantasy Football (DFS) is about playing the match-up and I provide you with a match-up report of all NFL games.

matchup reports

This is our awesome matchup report.  We breakdown the game as described above and we also show you yards, player usage by team and more.

Daily Fantasy Football Calculators

Our Fantasy Football Calculator for DraftKings or FanDuel are easy to use in Google Sheets (Google’s Excel Version).  The calculators come with instructions that make it easy for you to use, print, and you can set different scenarios.  We have DFS Fantasy Football Calculators to set your DraftKings or FanDuel strategy apart.


I live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles and every week I will be hosting a DFS Sports talk show at a local bar.  We will talk nothing but football, daily fantasy football, much more and will hand out awards, “Monster Day” and “Draft Fail”. 

Game Prediction Reports

These game prediction reports give you PPR predictions by player for each game and as usual, we break down the game, we look at the passing game, run and receiving for each team on both sides of the ball offense and defense. 

The only item we cannot predict is injuries – so be sure to check the injury report.

DFS Strategy Reports

I know you have numerous options to get your DFS data, but I do give you an edge as my reports are not just numbers. My DFS reports cater to DFS fans that play in DFS platforms such as DrafKings and FanDuel or any other DFS site.  I breakdown every aspect of the game, offense and defense, the run, pass, receiving and DST.  I also give you player usage percentage by matchup and team.  Lastly, my “Double Duty” report simply is the best advantage you can ask for as it gives you usage percentage for players (mostly RB’s) that have a usage in the running and passing game – that’s double duty, and of course much more.

Double Duty Report

This DFS report shows which players have usage/distribution in the run and receiving phase of the game, yards/scoring.  This will give you the edge your strategy needs to play on DraftKings or FanDuel. That’s my son with the ball – needless to say he gets away from this rusher.


Sunday NFL Football Countdown To The Big Prize on DraftKings & FanDuel








Daily Fantasy Football Stats
& Analysis.

I’m a daily fantasy football fanatics,  we love math and we have been analyzing football data since 1991 (Lotus 123 days – now Excel), so we’ve turned it into a business: DRAFTOPS.com a site dedicated to Daily Fantasy Football fans that play on DraftKings or FanDuel.  Our fantasy football stats & analysis is geared for DFS fans, but of course, can be used in other fantasy football formats.

If you want to win big on DraftKings or FanDuel, you need stats, analysis, and tools that will give set your strategy aside and that’s what I do. I crunch the numbers, you draft.

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Yup, we have a little bit of everything for football fanatics.  From Fantasy Football Calculators to use in DraftKings & FanDuel to autographed footballs, jerseys and other collectibles to daily fantasy football trophies.

About Me

I give you the data you need. Daily Fantasy Football (DFS) is about playing the match-up and I provide you with a matchup of all NFL games, player distribution %, ranking variance analysis by each phase of the game and so much more.

I can truly say “Football Is My Life”.  Pic 1.  I was in London for business and Miami was playing the Raiders and what else are you going to do on a Sunday in London.  Pic 2.  In Manhattan Beach you have a lot of players and NFL Channel analyst that live here and this was being auctioned off at my son’s annual school party and yes no one was bidding as it’s a norm here to have these players and analyst as friends & neighbors – that’s not my case, Pic 3 that my son (Little Gronk) catching the ball.  I’m the coach of his flag football team and yes he picked the name – he’s a Brady fan -ahhhh.  Last pic on the right that’s me at the Super Bowl in 2000 yes, i was sad, yet it was an amazing time.





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