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You gotta love NFL games and the Rams or Chargers games at SoFi are awesome to be at.  While there, I'm always thinking of my stats, analysis and predictions, and DFS does make the football game even more exciting.


If you want to compete on Daily Fantasy Football, your strategy must include planning.  We've set up the 2023 NFL schedule for you by prize on DraftKings and FanDuel and by week so that you can plan accordingly.

When we say by prize, we mean the Captain's mode prize games, including Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

You will then find the schedule for the BIG PRIZE, these are the Sunday morning (10am) and afternoon games (1pm) - well in Pacific Standard Time.  There are typically 11-13 games - yeah that's alot of data to analyze, hence the importance of a good strategy and planning ahead.

NFL Flex Schedule

It's important to keep track of the NFL Flex Schedule as part of your DFS Fantasy Football Strategy.  Below you will find the NFL Flex Rules for the NFL 2023 Season.

NFL 2023 Flex Schedule Procedures

2023 Flexible Scheduling Procedures and Scheduling for Week 18

Allows teams to play their way onto primetime

In 2006, the NFL implemented a "flexible scheduling" procedure for Sunday Night Football. Flexible scheduling ensured quality matchups on Sunday night in all weeks and gave surprise teams a chance to play their way onto primetime. For the 2023 season, flexible scheduling will be expanded to include Monday Night Football, as well as Thursday Night Football on a trial basis.

Please note that the NFL is continuously reviewing its scheduling procedures to ensure exciting and meaningful games are available for viewing by the largest number of fans and so further changes to flexible scheduling could be implemented in the future.

Current Flexible Scheduling Procedures

Flexible scheduling is in effect during the following windows (the "Flex Scheduling Windows"):

  • For Sunday Night Football, it may be used up to twice between Weeks 5-10, and at the NFL's discretion during Weeks 11-17;
  • For Monday Night Football it may be used at the NFL's discretion in Weeks 12-17;
  • For Thursday Night Football it may be used up to twice between Weeks 13-17.
  • During the Flex Scheduling Windows, the games initially scheduled for Sunday Night Football (on NBC), Monday Night Football (ESPN or ABC), and Thursday Night Football (on Amazon Prime) are tentatively scheduled and subject to change;
  • Only Sunday afternoon games (or those listed as TBD) are eligible to be moved to Sunday night, Monday night, or Thursday night, in which case the initially scheduled Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night game would be moved to Sunday afternoon;
  • Sunday afternoon games may also be moved between 1:00 p.m. and 4:05 p.m. or 4:25 p.m. ET.

Scheduling for Week 18

As in prior seasons, for Week 18, the final weekend of the season, the scheduling of the Saturday, Sunday afternoon, and the Sunday night games is not assigned. The schedule for Week 18 will be announced no later than six days prior to that week's Saturday game (January 6, 2024).

Additional Flexible Scheduling Information

  • During the Flex Scheduling Windows, only Sunday afternoon or TBD games are subject to being moved into the Sunday night, Monday, or Thursday night window.
  • The game that has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, or Thursday Night Football during the Flex Scheduling Windows will generally be listed at 8:20 p.m. ET, 8:15 p.m. ET, and 8:15 p.m. ET, respectively.
  • The majority of games on Sundays will typically be listed at 1:00 p.m. ET during the Flex Scheduling Windows except for games played in Pacific or Mountain time zones, which will be listed at 4:05 or 4:25 p.m. ET.
  • For Sunday Night Football in Weeks 5-13 and for Monday Night Football in Weeks 12-17, the NFL will decide (after consultation with CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN) and announce no later than 12 days in advance of the game, which game will be played on Sunday night and which game will be played on Monday night.
  • For Sunday Night Football in Weeks 14-17, the flexible scheduling decision will generally be made no later than 6 days prior to the game.
  • For Thursday Night Football in Weeks 13-17, the flexible scheduling decision will be made no later than 28 days prior to the game.
  • Fans and ticket holders must be aware that NFL games in the Flex Scheduling Windows are subject to change generally at least 12 days in advance (and at least 6 days in advance for Sundays in Weeks 14-17) and should plan accordingly.
NFL International Series


The NFL announced the opponents, dates, and locations for the five international games being played across London and Frankfurt, Germany this upcoming 2023 season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will kick off the 2023 NFL International Games on Sunday, October 1, playing the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium, their record 10th regular season home game in London.

The London focus then shifts to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as the Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars* on Sunday, October 8. The game means that the Jaguars will play two regular season games outside of the U.S. – a first for the NFL.

The following Sunday, October 15, the Tennessee Titans will play the Baltimore Ravens at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to wrap up the 2023 NFL London Games.

As part of its commitment to play regular season games in Germany for the next four years, the NFL will play two games in Frankfurt in 2023, having played the inaugural Germany game in Munich in November 2022.

The Super Bowl LVII champion Kansas City Chiefs kick off the 2023 NFL Frankfurt Games on Sunday, November 5, as they play the Miami Dolphins at Frankfurt Stadium.

The following Sunday, November 12, the New England Patriots face the Indianapolis Colts at Frankfurt Stadium to complete the 2023 NFL International Games.

2023 NFL International Games

October 1 (Week 4) Atlanta Falcons vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Wembley Stadium 09:30 am ET
October 8 (Week 5) Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 09:30 am ET
October 15 (Week 6) Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 09:30 am ET
November 5 (Week 9) Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs Frankfurt Stadium 09:30 am ET
November 12 (Week 10) Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots Frankfurt Stadium 09:30 am ET

(*For scheduling purposes, the Buffalo Bills/Jacksonville Jaguars game will count as a road game for the Jaguars)

"In what promises to be a great spectacle of football for our global fans, we are thrilled to announce the five games to be played internationally in 2023, a record number of regular season games in Europe in a season," said Peter O'Reilly, NFL Executive Vice President, Club Business, Major Events & International. "We are excited to bring three games to London once again, a city with a huge love for the sport and a passionate fan base across the U.K. We are also pleased to confirm that the two games in Germany will be played in Frankfurt, a city steeped in NFL heritage. We look forward to staging both games at Eintracht Frankfurt's Stadium, building on the incredible atmosphere experienced at last season's game in Munich."

There will be no international game in Mexico in 2023 due to renovations taking place in Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.


Game Stats, Analysis and Predictions Reports


The Rank Variance Report: Gain the Competitive Edge in Daily Fantasy Football. Our comprehensive Rank Variance Report is your essential starting point for strategic lineup decisions. Explore the rankings of the home team's offense against the visiting team's defense, and vice versa. With a focus on variance, we analyze the overall offense ranking versus the defense's ranking, and that's just the beginning. Our in-depth breakdown covers key aspects of the game, including pass game, run game, receiving, and scoring rankings. Identify the highest variance and strategically draft players for your lineup against the opposing defense. To give you a glimpse, we've provided a sample report in PDF format below: DFS Stats Rank Variance Report.

Our DFS strategy revolves around a meticulous breakdown of the game, delving deep into every crucial statistical aspect. With our comprehensive analysis, we meticulously dissect the match to uncover essential statistics that drive success in daily fantasy football. From examining offensive and defensive rankings to scrutinizing pass game, run game, receiving, and scoring performances, our strategy leaves no stone unturned. By focusing on these key metrics, we empower you to make informed decisions when constructing your winning lineup.


Understanding the player distribution/usage percentage is of utmost importance in daily fantasy football as it allows you to make data-driven decisions backed by thorough stats and analysis. By assessing the player usage percentage, you can gauge the player's usage in the Run, Receiving and Scoring phases of the game.

This knowledge empowers you to make informed projections and strategic choices when constructing your lineup. By incorporating player usage data into your analysis, you can identify trends, uncover undervalued players, and optimize your roster composition for daily fantasy football success.

Moreover, being aware of the player usage percentage helps you navigate the unique landscapes of DraftKings and FanDuel, where ownership trends can significantly impact lineup construction. By identifying high-owned and low-owned players, you can strategically leverage this information to gain an edge over your competition.

Whether you're seeking to capitalize on popular players' potential or exploit contrarian plays, understanding the player distribution percentage plays a crucial role. It enables you to align your lineup with your projections, while also taking into account the ownership levels on both DraftKings and FanDuel.

In summary, incorporating the player usage percentage into your daily fantasy football strategy ensures that you make informed decisions based on comprehensive stats, analysis, and projections. By considering ownership trends on platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel, you can optimize your lineup composition and increase your chances of achieving success in the exciting world of daily fantasy football.  We've added a sample player distribution percentage report - please click here:  Player Distribution Percentage Report


As mentioned, we use the average method to come up with all of our stats and we then use that average to come up with predictions.  Our PPR Report gives you the projected Points Per Reception for each player including the QB, WR, and RB.  We have a smaple report right here:  DFS Stats Analysis Projection PPR Report













  1. DFF: Daily Fantasy Football
  2. DFS: Daily Fantasy Sports
  3. GPP: Guaranteed Prize Pool
    • Refers to a tournament in which the prize pool is guaranteed to be a specific amount regardless of the number of participants.
  4. ROI: Return on Investment
    • Measures the profitability of a player's or participant's investments in DFS contests.
  5. EV: Expected Value
    • Represents the average outcome or value that a player can expect from a particular decision or lineup.
  6. FD: FanDuel
    • A popular daily fantasy sports platform.
  7. DK: DraftKings
    • Another well-known daily fantasy sports platform.
  8. FPPG: Fantasy Points Per Game
    • Calculates the average fantasy points a player scores per game, used to evaluate player performance.
  9. GPP: Grand Prix Points
    • Refers to points awarded in a DFS tournament, often used to determine the standings and rankings.
  10. DFSN: Daily Fantasy Sports Network
    • A network or platform that provides news, analysis, and resources related to DFS.
  11. PPR: Points Per Reception
    • A scoring system that awards points for each reception made by a player in fantasy football.
  12. H2H: Head-to-Head
    • A matchup format in which two participants directly compete against each other in a DFS contest.
  13. 50/50: Fifty-Fifty
    • A contest format where approximately half of the participants win and double their entry fee.
  14. DVP: Defense vs. Position
    • Analyzes how well a specific defense performs against a particular position in fantasy football.
  15. LU: Lineup
    • Refers to the roster of players selected by a participant for a DFS contest.
  16. DK: DraftKings
  17. FD: FanDuel
  1. NFL: National Football League
  2. AFC: American Football Conference
  3. NFC: National Football Conference
  4. MVP: Most Valuable Player
  5. SB: Super Bowl
  6. Pro Bowl: Professional Bowl (All-Star Game)
  7. CBA: Collective Bargaining Agreement
  8. IR: Injured Reserve
  9. PUP: Physically Unable to Perform
  10. OTA: Organized Team Activities
  11. PR: Punt Returner
  12. KR: Kick Returner
  13. QB: Quarterback
  14. RB: Running Back
  15. WR: Wide Receiver
  16. TE: Tight End
  17. OL: Offensive Line
  18. DL: Defensive Line
  19. LB: Linebacker
  20. CB: Cornerback
  21. S: Safety
  22. K: Kicker
  23. P: Punter
  24. FG: Field Goal
  25. PAT: Point After Touchdown
  26. INT: Interception
  27. TD: Touchdown
  28. YAC: Yards After Catch
  29. YPC: Yards Per Carry
  30. YPR: Yards Per Reception
  31. CPOY: Comeback Player of the Year
  32. DPOY: Defensive Player of the Year
  33. OPOY: Offensive Player of the Year
  34. ROTY: Rookie of the Year
  1. NFL: National Football League
  2. AFC: American Football Conference
  3. NFC: National Football Conference
  4. YDS: Yards
  5. TD: Touchdown
  6. INT: Interception
  7. CMP: Completions
  8. ATT: Attempts
  9. PCT: Completion Percentage
  10. Y/A: Yards per Attempt
  11. TD: Touchdowns
  12. INT: Interceptions
  13. QBR: Quarterback Rating
  14. YPC: Yards per Carry
  15. YAC: Yards After Catch
  16. REC: Receptions
  17. TGT: Targets
  18. AVG: Average
  19. SACK: Quarterback Sack
  20. FF: Forced Fumble
  21. FR: Fumble Recovery
  22. PD: Passes Defended
  23. TFL: Tackles for Loss
  24. TKL: Total Tackles
  25. SFTY: Safety
  26. PR: Punt Return
  27. KR: Kickoff Return
  28. AVG: Average
  29. LST: Longest
  30. AVG: Average
  31. PTS: Points
  32. GWD: Game-Winning Drives
  33. QBR: Quarterback Rating
  34. YPG: Yards per Game
  35. APY: All-Purpose Yards
  36. PY: Passing Yards
  37. RY: Rushing Yards
  38. AY: Adjusted Yards
  39. AY/A: Adjusted Yards per Attempt
  40. EPA: Expected Points Added
  41. DVOA: Defense-adjusted Value Over Average
  42. DYAR: Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement
  1. DFS: Daily Fantasy Sports
  2. GPP: Guaranteed Prize Pool
    • Refers to a tournament in DFS where the prize pool is guaranteed regardless of the number of participants.
  3. ROI: Return on Investment
    • A measure of profitability in DFS or sports betting, calculated as the ratio of net profit to the amount invested.
  4. EV: Expected Value
    • Represents the average value or outcome a bettor can expect from a specific wager.
  5. ROTO: Rotisserie
    • A scoring format in which participants accumulate points based on player performance across various statistical categories.
  6. FPPG: Fantasy Points Per Game
    • The average number of fantasy points a player scores per game, used to evaluate player performance.
  7. Chalk: Refers to the most popular or heavily owned players in DFS contests.
  8. Fade: To avoid selecting or betting on a particular player or team.
  9. Cash Games: DFS contests with a higher likelihood of winning, such as 50/50s or head-to-head matchups.
  10. Tilt: The emotional state of frustration or anger that can negatively impact decision-making after a losing streak or unfortunate outcome.
  11. Bankroll: The total amount of money set aside for betting or DFS contests.
  12. Payout Structure: The distribution of prize money among winners in a DFS contest.
  13. Overlay: A situation where a guaranteed prize pool contest does not reach its full capacity, resulting in an opportunity for increased value for participants.
  14. Stacking: Selecting multiple players from the same team in a DFS lineup to maximize potential correlation and upside.
  15. Line Movement: Refers to changes in point spreads, odds, or betting lines based on the betting market's activity.


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Game Stats, Anslysis and Predictions Reports

To help you draft the best possible lineup for your Thursday Night Football DFS game on DraftKings or FanDuel, we bring you all the stats, analysis and predictions you will need.


Game Stats, Anslysis and Predictions



Game Stats, Anslysis and Predictions Reports

To help you draft the best possible lineup for your Sunday Night Football DFS game on DraftKings or FanDuel, we bring you all the stats, analysis and predictions you will need.


Game Stats, Anslysis and Predictions



Game Stats, Anslysis and Predictions Reports

To help you draft the best possible lineup for your Monday Night Football DFS game on DraftKings or FanDuel, we bring you all the stats, analysis and predictions you will need.


Game Stats, Anslysis and Predictions




The reports below are for members only - If you're not a member, please join:


We provide comprehensive coverage, in-depth stats, and insightful analysis of the Sunday games that feature the Million Dollar Prize. With typically 11-13 games to analyze, our expert team delves into player performances, team strategies, and game outcomes, offering valuable insights for both casual fans and fantasy football enthusiasts.


Game Stats, Anslysis and Predictions Reports

To maximize your chances of winning the Million Dollar Prize in fantasy football DFS contests on platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel, it's crucial to follow a strategic approach that combines thorough analysis, stats, and player usage percentage insights. Start by diving into detailed offense and defense analysis, examining matchups, and studying player statistics.

Research the player usage percentage to identify undervalued players who may have higher potential for standout performances. Analyze offensive and defensive trends to uncover favorable matchups and exploit weaknesses in opposing teams.

Utilize advanced statistical analysis and expert insights to make informed decisions when setting your lineup. Look for valuable insights on player performance, usage patterns, and historical data to gain an edge over your competitors.

Consider differentiating your lineup by selecting a mix of both high-ceiling players and consistent performers. Finding the right balance between risk and stability is key to succeeding in DFS contests.

Manage your salary cap effectively by identifying players who are underpriced relative to their potential output. This allows you to allocate funds wisely and maximize the value of your lineup.

Remember, winning the Million Dollar Prize requires a combination of skill, knowledge, and a bit of luck. Stay informed, trust your instincts, and enjoy the excitement of the game as you pursue the ultimate fantasy football prize on DraftKings or FanDuel.



DFS Captain's Mode Games are Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night
Thursday Night Football

Sunday Night Football

Monday Night Football


Big Prize on DraftKings and FanDuel are the morning and early afternoon games, typically 11 - 13 games to draft a roster of 6 players and a defense that will get the most points.

  • Sunday Games - Big Prize


There are several certainties in DFS and one is, know the rules.  The rules are very, very important, it's not all about stats & analysis.

  • DraftKings Rules
  • FanDuel Rules

Captain's Mode Prize

In Captain's Mode games on platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel, participants have the opportunity to select a "captain" or "MVP" player whose performance carries additional weight in terms of scoring. The captain designation allows for a unique twist on traditional daily fantasy sports contests, adding an extra layer of strategy and decision-making.

In Captain's Mode, participants draft a lineup of players while selecting one player to be their captain. The captain typically costs more in terms of salary or has a multiplier applied to their fantasy points. This means that the captain's performance will have a greater impact on the overall score of the lineup.

Daily Fantasy Football Stats, Analysis & Predictions

Stats, Analysis and Predictions

Scoring in Captain's Mode games is similar to regular daily fantasy contests but with an emphasis on the captain's performance. For example, in football, the captain may receive 1.5x or 2x the fantasy points for each statistic earned (e.g., touchdowns, yards gained, receptions). This creates an incentive to select players who have a higher likelihood of delivering exceptional performances.

The choice of captain becomes crucial in these games, as it can greatly influence the outcome of the contest. Participants must carefully consider factors such as player consistency, matchup, and potential upside when selecting their captain.

Overall, Captain's Mode games on DraftKings and FanDuel offer a unique and strategic twist to daily fantasy sports contests. They provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills in selecting a standout captain whose performance can make a significant difference in the final score.





According to a report from Legal Sports Report, in the 2020 NFL season, DraftKings awarded over $1 billion in prizes across all sports, including the NFL. It's important to note that this is the total amount of prizes awarded by DraftKings across all sports and not just the NFL.

“I’ve been ready for this my whole life.” 

Our team of dedicated experts scours through extensive data and meticulously analyzes player performance, match-ups, and trends to offer you invaluable insights. We provide detailed statistics on quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and team defenses, allowing you to make informed decisions when constructing your DFS lineups.

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about daily fantasy football on DraftKings and FanDuel along with their answers:

What is daily fantasy football?

Daily fantasy football is a game where participants create virtual lineups composed of real NFL players for a single day or week of games. Points are awarded based on the players' performances in real-life games, and participants compete against each other for cash prizes.

How do I play daily fantasy football?

To play daily fantasy football, you need to sign up on a platform like DraftKings or FanDuel, create a lineup within a given salary cap, and enter contests by paying an entry fee. Your lineup's performance is determined by the actual on-field performance of the players you've selected.

How is scoring calculated in daily fantasy football?

Scoring in daily fantasy football typically involves assigning points to various statistical categories such as passing yards, touchdowns, rushing yards, receiving yards, receptions, and more. Each platform has its own scoring system, which is usually outlined in the rules or scoring settings.

What is a salary cap in daily fantasy football?

A salary cap is the maximum budget allocated to construct your lineup. Each player has an associated salary based on their perceived value and expected performance. You must stay under the salary cap when selecting players for your lineup.

Can I change my lineup after the games have started?

Once the games have started, you cannot make any changes to your lineup for that particular contest. However, you can still enter new contests with different lineups if they are available.

Are daily fantasy football games based on the entire NFL season or just a single week?

Daily fantasy football games are typically based on a single week of NFL games, although some platforms may offer season-long contests as well. Most contests are held weekly, allowing participants to draft new lineups for each week's slate of games.

How do I win in daily fantasy football?

To win in daily fantasy football, you need to accumulate more points with your lineup than the other participants in the contest. Points are earned based on the performance of the players you've selected, and higher-scoring lineups have a chance to win cash prizes.

Can I play daily fantasy football for free?

Yes, both DraftKings and FanDuel offer free contests that allow you to play daily fantasy football without spending any money. These free contests often have smaller prize pools compared to paid contests but can still be enjoyable for casual players.

Is daily fantasy football considered gambling?

The classification of daily fantasy football as gambling varies by jurisdiction. In some places, it is considered a game of skill and is legal, while in others, it may be subject to gambling regulations. It's important to understand the laws and regulations in your specific location.

How do I deposit and withdraw funds from my DraftKings/FanDuel account?

DraftKings and FanDuel offer various methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and more. These options may vary depending on your country of residence. You can usually find the specific details within the account settings or FAQ section of the respective platform.

Here's a list of acronyms commonly used in daily fantasy football
  1. DFS - Daily Fantasy Sports
  2. NFL - National Football League
  3. QB - Quarterback
  4. RB - Running Back
  5. WR - Wide Receiver
  6. TE - Tight End
  7. DST - Defense/Special Teams
  8. FPPG - Fantasy Points Per Game
  9. GPP - Guaranteed Prize Pool
  10. ROI - Return on Investment
  11. EV - Expected Value
  12. DST - Defense/Special Teams
  13. PPR - Points Per Reception
  14. OPRK - Opponent Rank
  15. SNF - Sunday Night Football
  16. MNF - Monday Night Football
  17. TNF - Thursday Night Football
  18. ADP - Average Draft Position
  19. DFSPT - Daily Fantasy Sports Pro Tour
  20. RG - RotoGrinders
Here are 30 acronyms commonly used in the NFL (National Football League)
  1. NFL - National Football League
  2. AFC - American Football Conference
  3. NFC - National Football Conference
  4. MVP - Most Valuable Player
  5. QB - Quarterback
  6. RB - Running Back
  7. WR - Wide Receiver
  8. TE - Tight End
  9. OL - Offensive Line
  10. DL - Defensive Line
  11. LB - Linebacker
  12. CB - Cornerback
  13. S - Safety
  14. K - Kicker
  15. P - Punter
  16. TD - Touchdown
  17. PAT - Point After Touchdown
  18. FG - Field Goal
  19. INT - Interception
  20. FUM - Fumble
  21. SACK - Quarterback Sack
  22. PR - Punt Return
  23. KR - Kickoff Return
  24. TFL - Tackle for Loss
  25. DPI - Defensive Pass Interference
  26. OPI - Offensive Pass Interference
  27. PI - Pass Interference
  28. O-line - Offensive Line
  29. D-line - Defensive Line
  30. GM - General Manager

Please note that the answers provided are based on general knowledge and practices up until September 2021, and there may have been updates or changes since then. It's always a good idea to consult the official rules and guidelines on DraftKings and FanDuel's websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

All questions and answers were provided by ChatGPT by asking:  can you please come up with a list of 10 frequently asked questions about Daily Fantasy football on DraftKings and Fanduel - please include the answer for each question

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