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F.A.Q on DFS Stats, Analysis & Methodology

DFS Strategy & Methodology

Which stats are included in the Game Preview Reports?

In Daily Fantasy Football a good strategy includes analyzing the matchup.  How that offense matches up against that defense.  In this report, we give you the preview that includes the averages between that offense and opposing defense, showing all phases of the game, form QB, RB’s and the receiving game.  You will see other critical data points such as the player usage or distribution norms by the phase of the game and scoring as well.

And remember you will be able to download the report to use in Excel or Google sheets to print out or to sort the data if needed.

Daily Fantasy Football Reports in Excel & Google Sheets

This shows you the data you will be able to download to use in Excel to analyze further, print out or sort.  While you can view each report online separately, to make it easy on us so that you can download the reports we include all of them into one Excel spreadsheet.

Fantasy Football Scrimmage Plays Report

This report provides you with the scrimmage play norms of the team by matchup as well as the averages plays by the phase of the game. Remember is Daily Fantasy Football your strategy must include studying each norm of the team.  This report breaks down the number of plays a team averages on passing, receiving or run.  For example, you want to draft RB’s from a team that averages a high run game %.

What are the stats on the variance report?

There are 3 parts to this report, Scoring, Variance in Scoring vs that defense and projected scoring vs that defense.  Please review carefully so you do not miss anything.

Here you will be able to see the team norms on scoring.  Do they score more by running or Passing?

Breaks down the total scoring by the phase of the game to make your decision easier on where to draft RB’s or WR’s

Here we compare the total scoring offense vs the total defense scoring allowed and break it down by phase of the game the higher the (-) negative number the better to draft from

Daily Fantasy Football Stats & Analysis Methodology

The Daily Fantasy Football stats & analysis I’ve developed is very simple – BREAKDOWN THE GAME.

You will see this approach in each report, from the report that provides you with a preview of each game – the Matchup Preview report breaks down the home team vs the visiting team at each phase of the game and compares every aspect of the offense and defense as well as provides you with a distribution or usage percentage for each player.

Another example of breaking down the game is our Schedule Variance report where you will find the ranking variance from each matchup Offense Vs. Defense at each phase of the game.

Total Offense Vs. Total Defense and then by the Passing, Running, Receiving and Scoring phases of the game.

One other report, we would like to point out is my self proclaimed world famous “Double Duty” report that shows you players that have distribution percentages in the Run and Receiving phases of the game.  Of course, you want to draft players with a high distribution or usage percentage.

You’ll find other great reports that are for DFS fanatics that are looking for an edge on DraftKings, FanDuel or Yahoo Sports or any other DFS platform.

FAQ’s About Our DFS Reports

What stats does the Schedule Variance Report?

These reports give you the VARIANCE between the Offense and Defense in Total Defense, the Pass, Run and Receiving Game as well as Scoring.  You’ll also be able to see the overall ranking of each Defense by the phase of the game as well.  It’s a great report to help you identify which players to draft.

What stats does the Offense/Defense Yards report show?

In Daily Fantasy Football, this is equally important is knowing the team norms when it comes to passing or running?  You want to make sure you draft receivers from a passing team and RB’s from a running team.  This report gives you the total yards for each team on Offense and Defense and the trending percentage they give up.

What stats do the Team Reports show?

Review all of the team stats, including QB, WR, RB’s, DST and Ranking of each phase of the game, pass, receiving and running.

What is the player usage or player distribution report?

In Daily Fantasy Football there are many stats to consider, but nothing is more critical than the “PLAYER USAGE” OR “DISTRIBUTION PERCENTAGE” by a player and this is what this report gives you by each phase of the game, including Run, Receiving and Touchdowns also by type – Run or Receiving TD.

What does the Double Duty Report Show?

Shows which players are playing on the run and receiving phase of the game, yards/scoring.  This will give you the edge you need. That’s my son with the ball – needless to say he gets away from this rusher.

Why should i buy a Daily Fantasy Football Calculator?

If you’re a planner and are taking your DFS strategy on DraftKings or FanDuel seriously, well this calculator is for you.  This allows you to plan Fantasy Football Points, Yards, TD’s and Usage.  You enter the data and it does the math for you on total Fantasy Football Points and keeps you on track with salary cap and use in Google Sheets -accessed on our site – your own web page with your own Fantasy Football calculator for DraftKings or FanDuel and you’ll be able to print the scenarios until you run out of ink.

For the DFS Calculators, do I need to know advanced Excel formulas?

Nope, not at all.  We make it really simple for you.  All you have to do is enter the simplest formula ever and we give it to you on the instructions. Just select the player and the stats are updated from the database and the calculator does the rest, yes really.  The calculator will then take the data for that player and crunch the numbers and the output is the fantasy football points possible for that player based on the average stats of that player and data you enter from your research.  If that player plays to his average, what are the possible fantasy football points is the output.

What is the difference between the DraftKings and FanDuel calculator?

The fantasy football points are the same, but we separate them so you can plan accordingly and when you print the report it will have DraftKings or FanDuel on it, which will help you keep everything organized.


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