Here you will find links to all NFL game predictions & projection reports to download, print and analyze.  Please scroll down to see all the available reports.  We utilize the “Average” approach to calculate game predictions by team and player based on what the teams average in Offense and Defense and then by the player distribution or utilization averages in all phases of the game – run, receiving and scoring.


These game prediction reports give you PPR predictions by player for each game and as usual, we break down the game, we look at the passing game, run and receiving for each team on both sides of the ball offense and defense.  We utilize the averages for each team and game distribution/usage for each player to come up with the predictions for each player’s PPR possibility.   For example, if a team’s defense gives up a total of 400 yards, we break down those yards.  How many an in the run game and the passing game and since we know the player usage percentage, we back into the PPR predictions for the players and we provide you with PPR predictions for each player (QB, RB, and WR’s) and defense.

Game Visiting Team Home Team Game PPR Predictions
1 Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears Game 1 Predictions
2 Los Angeles Rams @ Carolina Panthers Game 2 Predictions
3 Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles Game 3 Predictions
4 Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets Game 4 Predictions
5 Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings Game 5 Predictions
6 Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins Game 6 Predictions
7 Kansas City Chiefs @ Jacksonville Jaguars Game 7 Predictions
8 Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns Game 8 Predictions
9 Indianapolis Colts @ Los Angeles Chargers Game 9 Predictions
10 Cincinnati Bengals @ Seattle Seahawks Game 10 Predictions
11 San Francisco 49ers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game 11 Predictions
12 New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys Game 12 Predictions
13 Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals Game 13 Predictions
14 Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots Game 14 Predictions
15 Houston Texans @ New Orleans Saints Game 15 Predictions
16 Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders Game 16 Predictions


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