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These reports give you the ability to analyze the game, Offense Vs. Defense of each team and look at possible yardage in all phases of the game.

Game Visiting Team Home Team Analyze the Game
1 Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles Analyze Game 1
2 Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens Analyze Game 2
3 Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Giants Analyze Game 3
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints Analyze Game 4
5 Houston Texans @ New England Patriots Analyze Game 5
6 San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings Analyze Game 6
7 Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins Analyze Game 7
8 Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts Analyze Game 8
9 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns Analyze Game 9
10 Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers Analyze Game 10
11 Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos Analyze Game 11
12 Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina Panthers Analyze Game 12
13 Washington Redskins @ Arizona Cardinals Analyze Game 13
14 Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers Analyze Game 14
15 New York Jets @ Detroit Lions Analyze Game 15
16 Los Angeles Rams @ Oakland Raiders Analyze Game 16

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