We’re not geniuses, but we love math and we have been analyzing football data since 1991.  So we’ve turned it into a business: DRAFTOPS.com  Please note:  We have nothign to do with the old Draft Ops.  We are relaunching the site as an analytics and data providers for Daily Fantasy Football fans.



We’ve turned our passion for stats into a business and we provide fantasy football fans with the data they need to make the best decisions on who to draft, which teams, players and defense to draft to determine the best possible outcome for your daily fantasy football draft.

Daily Fantasy Football Stats & Analysis

The best approach to winning at Daily Fantasy Football (DFF) is to breakdown the game.  We do this by looking at the team by Offense (O), Defense (D) and Defense/Special Teams (DST).  The offense is further broken down by looking at the Pass Game, Run Game & Receiving Game and those have have dual responsibility  on the run and receiving game.

For analyzing of the Defense, we follow the same approach and you will find this in all of our reports and stats you will view.

View Sample Reports, Stats & Analysis

We want your business, so we’ve set up samples of our stats, analysis & reports for Daily Fantasy Football enthusiast.  Please click below to see our work. We hope you join us.  If you opt not to join us, please let us know why so that we can improve:  Contact Us

Team Reports

Review all of the team stats, including QB, WR, RB’s, DST and Ranking of each phase of the game, pass, receiving and running.

Game Reports

This is our awesome matchup report.  We breakdown the game as described above and we also show you yards and scoring probability.

Player Report

More than just stats.  From stats to usage percentage in each phase of the game.  Total offense – Run & Receiving game, yards, scoring and more.

Double Duty

This is our self proclaimed “world famous” report that shows which players are playing on the run and receiving phase of the game, yards/scoring.  Mostly RB’s,  but this will give you the edge you need.

Rank Report

Each team has an overall rank, but that does not help much.  Our ranking report for the team breaks down the offense and defense and provide you with the ranking data you need to draft the best possible players and team.

Schedule Rank Report

This is another great report that shows you the total team rank vs the total defense rank of opponent and we continue by breaking it down for each phase of the game.  Run O Vs. Run D and same for Passing, Receiving and Scoring.

All the fantasy football data you need

From analytics, reports to viewing the data via our app, we’ve got you covered.


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Data to Go

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  • Team Ranking
  • Schedule Ranking
  • Player Usage


FFP Predictions

  • View all reports
  • Ranking Variance Report
  • All tables
  • Game Matchups
  • Possible FFP by player
  • Possible Yards & Scoring by Players & Team




“Do Your Job”, it’s harder than you thought when analyzing and then drafting the right players is a must.  So we do the math, you just draft.

We give you the data you need. Daily Fantasy Football (DFS) is about playing the match-up and we provide you with a match-up of all NFL games. The match-up data analysis shows Offense vs Defense for both team, player distribution and usage by game phase (Run/Receiving), number of receptions or run attempts, TD % distribution and projected usage & distribution by player. Other reports also include Ranking Report that shows the Offense Vs. Defense ranking on all phases of the game, yards, passing, scoring, etc. Our awesome (self proclaimed) Double Duty report that shows players that play both phases of the offense, Run and Receiving and much more.

Fantasy Football Stats

If you’re a newbie to DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), you’ve landed in the right place. We give you all of the data you need to draft the best possible team to help you win.  Here you can access our sample reports as you vet us and we hope you do become a member.

“Whether you are playing in a FanDuel or Draft Kings or other DFS platform, we have the stats, analysis  you will need to Draft your team.  We set the Strategy, you Draft and did we mention you can download all of our reports to analyze further in Excel or Google Sheets? ”

“We gather and organize the numbers so you do not have to”

The Numbers

“We provide you with numerous reports to help you draft the best players and DST”


“ Download all reports to analyze further in Excel or Google Sheets”


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