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This beautiful Thursday Night Football is autographed by HOF and future HOF players that appear on the NFL Channel.


Football Game at Wembley Stadium


If you ever have a chance to go to an NFL International Series Game, GO!!! The game was amazing and the fans love the game and we complain about having only 16 games.  If you go and your team is not playing, still wear your jersey as every team is represented.  i went to the Raiders vs Dolphins game and did not wear my Giants stuff and boy, what a mistake.  Fans wear the gear for any and all team, every team was represented.  GO!!!


My Sports Story

There are several certainties in my life and the fact that I’m a football fanatic is one. By trade I analyze data, create models based on big data and i thought i use it for something i’m passionate about, Sports

This year after many years of thinking about it, I decided to launch a site to support those that like to try their luck at the amazing Daily Fantasy Sports games on platforms such as Fan Duel, Draft Kings and Yahoo Sports.

We support the fans by visualizing team and player performance to enhance their decision.
The products (reports or views of statistical data) we have put together are online analytical reports/graphs that compare weekly match ups, a statistical analysis of players by key areas, QB’s, RB’s WR’s, etc.

The Weekly Match up data is our marquee report as it contains a very detail statistical analysis of the team’s & player performance, defensive comparison analysis and many other key points to help you draft the right fantasy football team.

The Player Statistical Analysis view has up to date statistical data analysis of each player category in the draft, QB’s RB, WR’s TE’s and even kickers and compares them tot he defense they will be facing.  This allows you to project the performance of your fantasy football draft.

We look forward to providing you with all of the weekly fantasy football research you will need and if you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at

I was lucky to attend the big football game in 2000 (Yes, I’m a Football Giants Fanatic)

If you ever have the opportunity to attend an International Series NFL (London or Mexico City this year), do so-the fans are amazing and the experience is simply awesome.  In 2014 I was in London for business and it just so happened to be that the Raiders were playing the Dolphins at Wembley over the weekend.  Before i left i purchased a single game ticket, scheduled my bus to the stadium-easy as pie.


Since i’m a NY Giants fan I did not show any game colors-thinking oh well-Not my teams, oh boy i regret that decision.  London football fans were wearing colors from every single NFL team- i was probably the only one not wearing any team colors.  Again, if you have the opportunity to go to an NFL Game in London-GO

2018 Daily Fantasy Sports draft strategy and analysis for DraftKings and Fanduel.

NFL International Series Game in London